Who We Are?

Who We Are?

About Us

Jaimes Property Holdings

Jaimes Property Holdings is a private real estate investment company dedicated to helping property-owners in tough situations sell houses for cash. We pay cash for houses, single-or multi-family, in any condition, helping homeowners achieve the fairest as-is price for their home.

We know that selling a house, regardless of your reason for selling, can be a challenging, stressful process in even the most straightforward of situations. We’re dedicated to making the process easy and enjoyable for every client.

We Provide

Our Best Services


If you’re looking for a new home, we have a full team of real estate professionals on deck to help you! We want to make your life easier by becoming your one-stop solution for selling your current property, and funding and buying your future forever home.


We know that properties in any condition have so much potential to be unlocked. We’re buying homes as-is for cash in over 20 markets across the country. We’re here to serve you, which means that even if we can’t buy your property and meet your needs, we’ll make sure to find a buyer for you in record time.


If you’re selling your house to us for cash, you’ll have no problem finding funding for your next home. As a partner with U.S. Lending, we assist every client through the full process of securing financing for your next property, speeding up the entire selling process.

CEO / Founder

Juan Jaimes

Hi, I am Juan Jaimes with Jaimes Property Holdings LLC.

As a former U.S. Marine and former police officer, I conduct business in a fair, honest and disciplined manner, and always keep our costumers best interest above all.

Here at Jaimes Property Holdings we provide struggling home owners with several ways to either save their homes and/or giving them several positive solutions when going through foreclosure, tax lien delinquency, county and city code lien/violations, probate, etc..

Many distressed home owners find themselves trapped as the current economy shifts and/or life events happen. Our team of investors, Real Estate Attorneys, title companies and partners move quickly to assist homeowners arrive at a positive outcome in whichever situation they might find themselves in and with the least amount of stress possible.

We are always seeking different partnerships such as real estate agents, brokers, lenders and cash investors; this allows us to further service our costumers within the real estate community. Please reach-out directly to us and join our partners list.